Bully: Anniversary Edition Mod Apk (Cheat Menu)

Bully: Anniversary Edition Mod Apk (Cheat Menu)

5.0 (42883)Action

App Information of Bully: Anniversary Edition

App Name Bully: Anniversary Edition v1.0.0.19
Genre Action
Latest Version1.0.0.19
Get it On Google Play
UpdateDecember 5, 2018
Package Namecom.rockstargames.bully
Rating 5.0 ( 42883 )

Description of Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition Mod Apk (Cheat Menu/Mega Mod) Latest Version Action games Free Download for android.

Bully: Anniversary Edition is a sandbox-style, open world game that allows players to explore the city of Bullworth Vale and create their own stories. The latest version of this title includes brand new gameplay features, a PvP multiplayer mode, new in-game music and much more!

What is the game about?

Bully: Anniversary Edition is an open-world game set in the fictional town of Bullworth Academy. You play as a student at the school, who must navigate the complex social hierarchy and deal with the bullies who rule the school.

Highlights on the game

The game Bully: Anniversary Edition celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. To commemorate the occasion, Rockstar Games has released a new version of the game that includes a number of modifications and updates. The following is a roundup of some of the most significant changes in the Anniversary edition.

In-game interactions with characters have been reworked to make them more reactive and engaging. As players approach schoolmates or other characters, they are now more likely to initiate conversation or offer help. Some characters will even express their unhappiness with how you’ve been behaving and may refuse to speak to you until you improve your behavior.

Gangs now have their own recruitment procedures, so players must work harder to establish themselves within a gang and reach the top ranks. To become a leader, for example, players must prove themselves by carrying out dangerous tasks or by leading raids on rival gangs’ territories. There is also a new “promotion battle” mode that challenges players to compete against each other for top spot in their gang’s hierarchy.

The game’s overall atmosphere has also been improved. Characters now emit light when they are angry or happy, which makes it easier to track their moods and react accordingly. This change was made in

Goal of the game

Bullying is a problem in schools, workplaces, and online. It is a problem that needs to be addressed. The goal of the game is to help people learn about bullying and how to stop it.


Bullying is something that affects every person, at some point in their lives. It can be a very personal experience, and leaves a lasting impression on the victims. There are many ways to deal with bullying, but what is most important is to get help. The anniversary edition of Bully tackles the issue of bullying and its effects on victims in an interactive and engaging way.

How to handle Bullies

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is that they enjoy making others feel scared, uncomfortable, or insecure. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, dealing with bullies is something that just happens automatically. But there are ways to handle bullies without getting pulled into their games.

The first step is to understand that bullying is never the victim’s fault. No matter what the bully says or does, it’s never your responsibility to make them feel better. You don’t owe them an explanation or an apology. And you definitely don’t have to put up with their insults and harassment. In fact, you shouldn’t even try to talk to them if they start bothering you. If they can’t take a hint then they really need to stop picking on you.

The second step is to remember that you have the power to stand up against bullies. Even if they are bigger and stronger than you, you don’t have to let them control your life. You can tell them exactly what you think of their behavior and refuse to be their target.

Pros and Cons

Bullying has been around since the beginning of time. Some people think it’s a way to build character and make people stronger, while others see it as a way to control and manipulate others. Despite the pros and cons, bullying is still a problem in schools today.

There are many benefits to bullying, according to some experts. It can help kids learn how to stand up for themselves and how to beassertive. It can also teach them about team work and how to work together as a group. On the other hand, bullying can cause kids to feel scared, alone, and ashamed. It can also lead to depression and suicide.

Despite the risks, there are also benefits to fighting back against bullies. It can help kids feel powerful and confident. It can also teach them howto deal with difficult situations in a constructive way. Lastly, it can deter bullies from attacking other students in the future.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Know the signs. If you see someone being bullied, recognize the signs and take appropriate action. Look for red flags such as someone being isolated from their group or constantly being picked on. If you see any of these signs, speak up! You can help reduce the bullying behavior and protect the victim.
  2. Be a support system. Bullies need people to stand up to them and tell them to stop, but they also need friends who will back them up when they do. Show your support by standing next to them and lending a listening ear when they need it.
  3. Don’t be a bystanders bully. Just because you don’t want to get involved doesn’t mean you have to stand by and watch somebody get attacked. If you start bullying the victim, it will only make things worse. Instead, try to talk to the bully in a calm, reasoned manner and try to get them to stop.
  4. Talk about it! Talking about bullying is one of the best ways to help stop it from happening in the first place. When we talk about it, we open up the conversation about what


We’ve been playing Bully for the past year, and we wanted to talk about some of our favorite moments from the game. We also wanted to talk about how it has changed over time and what we think could be done to make the game even better.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the game:

-The first time you beat Mike in a fight and he runs away in shame.

-The first time you get detention and have to hide in the teacher’s closet.

-When you finally catch Tony after he’s been stalking you for weeks and can finally beat him up.

How to Play

In honor of the one-year anniversary of the Bully game, here are some tips for playing it.

  1. Play on a difficult setting. The more difficult the setting, the more challenging it will be for bullies and their victims. This can also help you to better understand how people react to different types of bullying.
  2. Use your creative side. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the bullying in the game, try using your imagination to come up with your own scenes. This will help you to feel more connected to the game and to its characters.
  3. Talk to other players about your experiences. Talking with other players can help you to learn from their successes and their mistakes. It can also provide you with valuable insights into how the game works and how bullies behave.

Review of the game

Bullying has been a problem in schools for years, and it’s still an issue today. It’s important to remember that bullying is not only physical, but emotional as well. One game that’s been created to help people learn about bullying is Bully: Anniversary Edition.

Bully: Anniversary Edition is a video game that was released in 2013. It was created by Rockstar Games, and it tells the story of a young boy named Jimmy who is being bullied at school. The game’s main goal is to help Jimmy learn how to stand up to his bullies, and to find friends who will support him.

Bully: Anniversary Edition is an interesting game because it combines physical and emotional bullying into one story. This allows players to see both sides of the issue, and to understand why someone would choose to bully another person. The game also has a number of different endings, which helps players understand the complex issues involved with bullying.

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