A Guide to the Best Online Sports Betting Apps

A Guide to the Best Online Sports Betting App

Five Tips for Choosing the Best Betting App

Figure 1 There are a lot of sportsbook apps – so knowing how to choose the best one is important

It was to be expected that as soon as the Supreme Court repealed PASPA in 2018 that there would be a huge surge in interest in sports betting. Now that technology has evolved, so much of the new business has moved online – and in recent years that has meant a shift to sports betting apps.

Online sports betting is still fairly new to a lot of people in the US, so there may not be enough knowledge of how to choose the right sportsbook – or the best app. That is why we’ve pulled together five things we think you should definitely take into account when you are choosing which betting app to go for.


Before you get too carried away comparing betting markets and odds – make sure that you can actually bet on sports where you live. Just because over half the states now allow some kind of gambling, it doesn’t mean that everyone can, or even bet in the same way.

There are plenty of specialist sites that list what is – and what isn’t – legal across the country. Some sportsbook apps may not work in every location either. So, make these all-important checks now and then we can carry on sifting through the competition to get you the best app for your phone.

User Experience

We understand that user experience is not something you can really gauge without actually using the app. But, as with the legality issue we outlined above, there are also a lot of customer review sites that cover betting apps. We review apps ourselves – so we know you know how to find these sites.

As with any other app in any other field, you will want to know if the app you are interested in works smoothly and quickly. It is also good if the betting app you are after is intuitive, as you may be new to online sports betting completely. The easier the app is to use, the quicker you can make your bets.

Promotions and Offers

This is one aspect of sportsbooks and online sports betting that you will not have been able to miss in recent months. The advertising and marketing divisions of sportsbooks have been on overdrive with campaigns to sign up the most new customer account holders.

The good thing for bettors is that online sportsbooks tend to head straight to promotions and offers when it comes to attracting new customers. Free bets and bonuses are not uncommon – and they can seem very enticing. Just make sure that you read the small print, so you know what you have to do for your ‘freebies’.

Figure 2 Sportsbook apps are only too happy to offer bonuses and gifts

A Guide to the Best Online Sports Betting Apps
Upgrade Potential

As an avid app collector, you will know all about the importance of upgrades. This is where you may have an advantage, even on hardened gamblers, when it comes to picking out a good app. They may know about betting, but you know that apps can quickly become obsolete if bugs and glitches are not sorted out.

Take a look if there is a history of upgrades with the sportsbook apps you are considering. That way you know whether that operator has future improvements in mind. With so much changing in the world of betting, it will really pay to find an app that is also changing with the times.

Betting Options

After all the other considerations to make when choosing a good sportsbook app, it almost seems too obvious to include the actual betting options as well. When you have got all the other details out of the way, the range of betting markets is something to really take your time looking at.

A wide variety of sports and events is always good, as it shows that a sportsbook has good coverage. You should also carry out a quick odds comparison with other sportsbook apps. The smallest differences can mean better potential winnings. After all, that is why you’re looking at betting apps in the first place, right?